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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the complex process of enhancing your website’s rank on search engines like Google. Words or phrases related to your business are strategically targeted to make sure your website stays on top of search engine results when a prospective customer searches for information using these “keywords”.

Why Businesses Need SEO

Most people use the Internet to look for information. Google alone serves 3.5 billion searches per day. The top website spot in search engine results, on average, gets 33% of the market share, nearly double of that in the second spot at 18%. When your prospective customers are online, you wouldn’t want to miss a piece of this pie. You wouldn’t want to lose your customers to your competitors by being on the lower end of search engine results.

Let’s visualise your business as a company providing [services] in Melbourne. If a prospective customer searches the phrase “[your service] Melbourne” and your website is not in the top 10 spots of Google, do you think you have a better chance of closing the deal compared to the one on the first spot of search results? Which website will the prospective customer visit first? I think you know the answer.

This is where SEO comes in. It gives you increased visibility by helping you rank on the first page of search engines and places your website in front of the customers. This leads to increased website views, potential leads, customers, and ultimately, sales.

What You Can Expect by Working With Us

We know that each business is different. Our up-to-date SEO strategies are always customised based on your specific business needs. Our team of experienced SEO professionals will focus on the words or phrases that are relevant to your particular business making sure they have enough search volumes as well.

Having said that, although we are an SEO company, we don’t just focus on rankings. We are also concerned with your revenue. We want you to convert prospects into paying customers thus we analyse your website and suggest improvements to achieve optimal conversion rates when necessary. Infinite Ace consist of highly-skilled professionals and we follow the trend in the latest search engine algorithm changes. These ensure that our clients receive high-quality services that enhance website rankings and increase conversion.

Lastly, SEO is a joint effort between our team and our clients. We would love for our clients to take part in our optimisation efforts. We always remind our clients to ensure leads coming from our SEO strategies are converted into satisfied customers by implementing a great customer support system and by providing a smooth and enjoyable sales experience.

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