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Reasons to Apply SEO for Osteopaths

If you are an osteopath and have a working website that your clients can visit, that’s great! Nowadays, people are more accustomed to going online, using search engines to find services and contacting you through your site. However, like bricks-and-mortar clinics, competition among online businesses is just as strict.

For instance, the Osteopathy Board of Australia 2019-20 annual report presents 2,753 registered osteopaths in the country. A significant percentage of this total is in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. More importantly, there has been a regular increase in registered practitioners in the previous years, as shown in its 2017-18 annual report.

These records indicate how competitive the osteopathy market can be. But don’t be disheartened! Having a website is already a good start. All we have to do is utilise search engine optimisation or SEO to enhance it. But how can it help your osteopathy practice exactly?

1. Your potential clients can quickly find you through SEO.

Let’s say we make a page on your site with the title “Cranial Osteopathy in Melbourne”. This change can help search engines like Google to spot you among many other online clinics offering osteopathic treatment in the area.

It’s because search engines try to display search results closest to what the users (your clients) need. With SEO for osteopaths, specialists can identify the keywords people are using for osteopathy and strategically incorporate them into your site. Eventually, this strategy will result in increased online presence, fresh leads and new osteo patients.

2. You can get client attention ahead of your rivals using SEO.

As more clients find your business through organic search or word of mouth, other users are likely to visit your website more often. This outcome is significant, considering that osteopathy appointments do not need a referral for the first appointment. Organic traffic through SEO can help you keep a steady stream of patient opportunities.

But the advantage doesn’t stop there. People naturally come to you because they are happy with their clinical experience. Patients trust you. When this happens, search engines notice and reward you with a search ranking higher than your competitors. This way, there’s a better chance that users will see your weblink and service first before any other clinic. Of course, this won’t happen overnight, but it’s a specific strategy that works.

3. You can spread the word about your services at affordable costs.

SEO for osteopaths is, after all, part of digital marketing efforts. Not everyone is aware of what osteopathy is, and interested clients are likely to have questions about your business. You can then use SEO as a powerful tool for advertising and info dissemination.

Of course, there are other marketing strategies available, like print or paid ads. But these can only reach a small portion of your target audience. Once you stop the ads budget, the traffic follows suit.

SEO, on the other hand, is timelier. People no longer check the newspaper or phone directory to find an experienced osteopath for therapy. They go online. Moreover, enhancing a website and hiring SEO specialists are more cost-effective than doing it yourself.

Benefits of Using SEO for Osteopaths

Once you decide to implement SEO for osteopathy clinics, a team of experts can lead you to the following chain of benefits:

  • Higher rankings. A higher search ranking means you are more visible on the SERPs. This benefit requires technical SEO improvements such as optimised keywords, meta-descriptions, titles and tags.
  • Brand credibility. The health and medical industry, in general, depends heavily on trust, especially when attracting new patients. If your website keeps showing up at the top of the SERPs, prospective clients are more likely to perceive you as reliable and trustworthy.
  • Conversion-generating traffic. SEO doesn’t bring just any visitor to your site. It’s a specific audience that needs your services. Having more of these visitors increases your chance of turning patient leads into appointments.
  • Repeat patients. Like any other business, high-value customers are those that keep coming back. On top of your exemplary service, SEO can enhance patients’ experience further with educational web articles, social media posts and similar content.

Are you interested in how you can achieve these results for your business? Contact us now! The Infinite Ace team are ready to make the most of SEO for osteopaths like you!

SEO for Osteopathy Clinics with Infinite Ace

Infinite Ace is a Melbourne-based digital agency that specialises in SEO and Google Ads management. Our experience and expertise help owners and professionals overcome digital marketing complexities to achieve their business goals. More specifically, we follow a formula of putting SEO and your operations together to get leads and revenue.

And while there may be several companies offering healthcare SEO services, our team ensures that you, our clients, are in capable hands! So, why should you choose us over other agencies?

  • To experience customer-centric service. We know that setting up and running your business entails a lot of resources. And so, we provide solutions that suit your operations and will not put any of your resources to waste. Our experience working with several industries help us deliver this tailored approach. You can also learn more about our previous clients and accomplishments from our case studies.
  • To work with a credible team. Our success stories will not be possible without our team of SEO, Analytics and PPC experts. By combining our specialised skills, we ensure that every step of our SEO plan delivers results. Moreover, an SEO campaign is a long-term project. To succeed, you will want a group like us that you can rely on with confidence!
  • To avoid Google penalties. We do not believe in shortcuts, quick-fixes and dishonest work practices. And so, we make sure that we take the ethical route, employing white-hat SEO every time. This way, your business enjoys all the benefits without any issue.
  • To obtain measurable ROI. The good thing about SEO is that its results are objective. We use a broad range of proven metrics, like traffic, rankings and leads, to efficiently determine your ROI. Infinite Ace is results-driven, and we ensure you get periodic reports and numerical findings to keep you in the loop throughout the campaign.
  • To get value for money. Finally, and perhaps best of all, you get all these at reasonable rates!

Our Services and Expertise

SEO for osteopaths involves a lot of strategies to address varying digital marketing needs. Here are a few services that we offer.

1. Website auditing

Our service often starts with auditing, where we check various elements of your website for improvements. This process usually includes spotting and fixing website errors like slow-loading pages. We can also correct web navigation issues that are potentially affecting your performance and rankings.

2. Keyword search

We look for the best target keywords that people use when looking for osteopathy clinics or osteopathic conditions online. A proper keyword search helps us know which short-tail or long-tail phrases should be on your website or pages. This way, your site can reach out to the right audience that can generate traffic, leads, high conversion rates and more.

Also, do you need more clients to come to your clinic? One way to do that through SEO is to add geo-targeted keywords to your pages. So, when people type in “osteopath Melbourne”, for example, we’ll increase the chances of your website showing up on the search results. About 97% of consumers look for local businesses this way, and local SEO can considerably boost web traffic.

3. Content strategy

A well-thought-out copy is your key to connect with your target audience. If users find your page content, articles or posts interesting, we’re also encouraging them to revisit your site, contact your clinic or make an appointment.

Good content is not all about attracting patients, though. It’s also a tool for you to showcase your expertise, inform and educate users, and earn their trust. It acts like a bridge that builds relations between you and your potential clients (even if you have yet to meet them!). To help you out, our team can produce original and persuasive content that is reader and search-friendly!

4. Competition analysis

Studying your fiercest competitors in the SERPs can also give us an idea of their strengths and weakness. Specifically, it lets us identify what these osteopathy clinic websites have that you don’t. Replicating their strong points on your website is a crucial element in raising your rankings.

5. Testing and monitoring

Our service does not stop at providing on-page, off-page and technical SEO strategies. After implementing SEO for osteopathy clinics, we use various tools to track your web performance. Constant monitoring allows us to see whether our plan is working or if we need to make adjustments. It will take a few months before we see significant results. But throughout, our team will give provide you with reports and numerical data so we can both assess (and celebrate!) your progress.

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