Most people in your area like to shop or dine in their local area. Many of them begin by searching for places online. The trend is that people like to find what they need close to them, and major search engines like Google accommodate this.

Due to the rise of digital marketing, search engine optimisation has become more crucial than ever before. It is also beneficial for businesses regardless of the size.

Local SEO Benefits

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People no longer rely on traditional methods to find information about businesses and products. Instead, they use their smartphones and tablets to do their organic search.

Search engines, like Google, even make it extra convenient for them to call you, find your other office/clinic on the map, or check your pricing.

Not having a local SEO Perth strategy can be very detrimental to a business. It can cause customers to go elsewhere for the same product or service.

With hundreds of other similar businesses online, it’s hard to stand out without a proper plan of action. This scenario makes hiring local SEO services in Perth all the more relevant.

Local SEO experts can give you that competitive edge plus heightened digital presence to a target market that matter. But how can search engine optimisation do that exactly? Well, it all starts with a search query containing location-based target keywords that match your geotagged content.

Google and other search engines aim to present the best sites to users when they look for a chiropractic clinic, law firm or medical clinic in Perth, for example. And by working on your local SEO, Google can spot you right away.

Over time, it will help you gain more quality traffic and send Google the right signals to put you on top. But that’s not all. It can give rise to other opportunities and local SEO benefits for your business, too.

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High Conversion Rate

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Incorporating local SEO Perth techniques means using the best ranking keywords, creating relevant content, adding authoritative links and more.

All of which help generate high-quality organic leads. People can quickly locate you, and if they find your product or service interesting, customers are likely to stay on your site and check out its other pages.

These quality visitors are more likely to make an enquiry or purchase and spread the word about your local business, too.

Through your effective Perth local search engine optimisation tactics, the cycle of attracting motivated leads and making online sales will continue. It can even set your local business up for long-term growth if you continue monitoring your SEO performance and optimising your site.

Gain Possible Repeat Customers

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Accessibility and proximity are vital in attracting relevant customers and building long-term business relations. And thanks to your Perth SEO campaign, people near your store, clinic, or company can easily visit you.

These consumers can quickly convert into patrons of your products or services, too. And we all know that such happy clients will keep coming back.

This effect can even extend to people who are not from your area. You see, once one-off customers experience your exemplary service, you’re giving them the right reason to stretch one sale to a lot more.

Aside from helping generate revenue, returning and satisfied customers are also likely to leave positive reviews, attracting more people to check out your local business.

Reduce Advertising Costs

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Turning to local SEO services in Perth can help you save valuable business resources. Try to picture this. If you are a small business owner and want to make your product known, you’ll probably allocate your limited budget to flyers, newspaper ads, radio campaigns or commercials.

However, these are costly and laborious and can only attract a few. And once you stop making these ads, you reduce your traffic to zero.

Local SEO service does not work that way. While localised optimisation results take time, it is more cost-effective. If you play your cards right, you’re putting your business in front of your buy-ready audience.

It’s a more worthwhile investment that quickly turns clicks into sales. And if you continue to rank, you also keep making qualified leads and profits without the extra advertising expense.

Increase Trustworthiness and Authority

Trust is essential in attracting and retaining customers. But it’s hard to do if they do not know that your business exists. An effective local SEO Perth strategy can change that by improving your online presence to your target audience.

You can power this up with authoritative links and reliable posts. Earning several positive reviews is another key local SEO element that can make prospective customers choose you over your competitors.

Eventually, people will see you as an expert and trustworthy source. In turn, you can convert that trust into loyalty, ROI, repeat sales and long-term business success.

Grow Local Followers

Social media can assist with the local SEO implementation. Facebook, Instagram and other similar platforms help increase your online presence and shareability. Customers can follow your website pages to learn more about your services, purchase your products or book an appointment.

These social pages let you directly reply to comments and enquiries, too. Keeping your followers engaged, in turn, stabilises your online community and increases your number of quality visitors.

But that’s not all. Local SEO service also makes your business accessible through other local marketing avenues or apps like Yelp, Waze, TripAdvisor and YellowPages.

It will probably take time to outrank your competitors in Google. But with other alternatives to search for local businesses, you can still get a good following and keep your business rolling.

Brand Awareness

This benefit is relevant to your trustworthy and authoritative image. If you’re a small business owner carrying an unfamiliar brand, people may not know about your company, much less buy your product.

But with the help of local SEO services in Perth, you can gradually build awareness and an excellent online reputation.

The strategic use of relevant keywords in your content creation or social media posts, for example, can make your site constantly appear in Google search results. Though customers may not click on your site right away, brand recognition or familiarity encourages recall.

They will remember and look for your website when they eventually need your service. And as you build up quality traffic in the process, you also get higher chances of being in the top local search results.

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Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO is indeed an indispensable tool for your business growth. A successful SEO process would, however, require a group of experts to help you. This way, you can concentrate on your operations while your dedicated local SEO specialists work their magic.

Good thing Infinite Ace knows what it takes to optimise your website. But aside from expertise, we also use the following local SEO Perth tactics to help you jumpstart an effective campaign and continuously progress.

Local SEO Audit

Before we can improve your website or beat your competitors, we need to know where it stands. A proper website audit should help us identify potential problem areas and design a tailor-fit solution that works for you. It allows us to list down crucial website elements that need improvement, too, particularly those affecting your visibility and search engine rankings.

SEO auditing may cover several individual analyses. For instance, if we are designing a local SEO Perth strategy, our expert team would then audit your competitors, Google My Business profile, customer reviews and the like. Once identified and resolved, the audit can help us list ongoing SEO strategies like sustainable link building and strong content writing.

Local Competitor Analysis

Perhaps, one of the most desired outcomes for hiring local SEO services in Perth is to outrank the competition. Studying your fiercest competitors on the search engine result pages (SERPs) helps us create an effective search engine optimisation strategy. Specifically, research lets us spot their strengths and use them to your website’s advantage.

Replicating their strong points is then your ticket to improve your site and eventually beat them. This strategy often includes identifying your top competitors based on search terms or niches.

Afterwards, we study various metrics like their domain authority, the number of links and citations. We then use our findings as our basis for your local SEO Perth campaign.

Local Keyword Research

An effective local SEO Perth strategy requires local short-tail or long-tail phrases that are relevant to your business. Our SEO agency does this by using proper keyword research tools and search volume analysis. Our findings can direct our search engine optimisation efforts to the right people to boost your organic traffic, valuable leads and conversion rates.

Identifying relevant search queries or local keywords that people use to find your business is not only for increasing your visibility. We can also use it to diversify our SEO efforts.

For example, if your site uses the phrase “physiotherapy site Perth” to rank, we can look into other high-ranking keywords. Adding search terms like “physio Perth” or “sports physiotherapist in Perth”, for instance, can potentially boost your presence and widen your market reach.

Local SEO Content Optimisation

Doing a keyword search is not enough. It should go hand in hand with a good content creation strategy. This step centres on integrating relevant keywords to your website’s metadata, copy or text on relevant pages and the URL (On-page SEO).

Our dedicated SEO team will help you update and republish your existing content that needs local SEO tweaking. For example, we can check on your “Contact Us” page and see if all pertinent location details are present.

If your business has multiple locations, creating dedicated pages with relevant content for them can broaden your client base, too. Other SEO tactics like putting up a city-specific landing page, adding an FAQ section, featuring a local event feature, or publishing press releases can also help.

And if needed, we’ll assist you in creating new articles or blog posts with fresh images that are interesting and relatable to your intended audience.

Local Link Building

Using a holistic approach is our primary goal as your local SEO Perth partner. And so aside from content, we’ll also power up your website with sustainable link building efforts. After auditing your current link profile, our focus will be on helping you establish connections with high-authority and relevant websites in your local community.

We make use of link-building tools to identify prospective players in your area. These link opportunities can be media outlets, bloggers, events pages, charities, local directory listings, and other local businesses working within your suburbs.

You can then directly reach out to them to gain new links. Gathering as many high-quality backlinks, in turn, will send strong signals to Google to boost your local search rankings.


Your return on investment is equally valuable to us. We also want to track and assess whether our SEO efforts are working or need improvement. And so, we ensure that our local SEO Perth strategy includes monthly reports of organic visibility, web traffic, search rankings and other SEO metrics to meet both objectives.

One way we can do this is by accessing your Google My Business insights section. From here, we can see how local customers are searching for your business, or whether they end up visiting your site or giving you a call.

The online review section of your GMB account can also play a vital role in SEO monitoring. Specifically, it contains valuable information highlighting your business’s good point or trouble area that needs immediate action.

How We Bring Value to Your Business

Local SEO company - Infinite Ace

There may be other SEO agencies that provide local SEO services in Perth. But the Infinite Ace team goes beyond finding and implementing complete solutions for business owners like you. For one thing, we are also customer-centric.

We have always worked with clients from different industries and preferred a personalised approach when designing successful SEO strategies.

We are also objective, efficient and results-driven like you. And so, we make it our priority to provide you with reliable services and long-term benefits at reasonable rates. Shortcuts, quick fixes and dishonest work methods are not part of our system.

With our white-hat local SEO optimisation techniques, we can deliver your ROI while protecting you from any penalty.

On top of years of operation and experience, we also have a team of specialists, from Analytics to Google Ads. Combining our specialised skills is our way of ensuring that every aspect of your SEO campaign delivers. Moreover, as local SEO is a slow-burn process, it’s more rewarding to succeed with a fun and easy-going group like us!

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Perth business using a local SEO company

What is local SEO?

It is a branch of SEO strategy that is dependent on geographic location. It aims to make your business, store or company more visible to people within your community.

For example, if you plan to apply a local SEO Perth strategy, parameters like your business name, address or phone number (or NAP citation) are essential. These details help search engines match your site to users’ local organic searches.

How is organic SEO different from local SEO? Well, organic or global SEO centres on general search terms. On the other hand, local SEO keywords have a geographical component or location and “near me” tags at the end.

Applying these to your content, social media pages, links, and citations helps search engines locate and display you on the SERPs. So, in a nutshell, local SEO applies the same strategies as its organic counterpart, only with a community focus.

Local SEO is also a unique strategy as Google uses a different list of ranking factors when choosing the best local search results for its users. Some of these ranking signals include the user’s device, choice of keywords, and user location.

Your company’s Google My Business listing, web location-specific elements and Google maps ratings are crucial in local SEO ranking as well.

Another thing that makes local SEO different is its higher reliance on customer reviews. Operating on the local level means you’ll be targeting a smaller, more specific market.

And so, it is all the more essential to gather numerous good reviews to boost organic leads and conversions. Moreover, Google translates high-star ratings to better local search rankings.

Who needs local SEO?

Local SEO is especially advantageous for operators with brick-and-mortar businesses who do not want to miss out on potential customers in their area. Owners of local businesses who are still new or have a limited budget for wide-scale advertising will also find local SEO a more practical option.

If you are a business website owner, there are also a few signs you can look at to see if you need to incorporate local SEO or not. For example, try to check on how your competitors are doing in the rankings game.

Your website might be going through sudden drops in organic traffic or increased bounce rates, too. In that case, you might need to start optimising your content for local SEO searches and realigning it with the latest algorithm updates.

Certain business types seem to benefit more from local SEO than any other industry as well. One of which is the medical service sector. It’s because people visit doctors, therapeutic offices or dental clinics for regular check-ups, emergencies or appointments.

These activities are more convenient to do if the business address is close to where the patient lives.

The same principle also explains why local SEO services in Perth will work well for service-based businesses like law offices or plumbing repair. Almost every community has a demand for pet services and realtors, too.

Local SEO is also effective in the hospitality industry, though. After all, restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts operate with the local market in mind. Moreover, this industry thrives on repeat customers and good reviews, which are highly relevant to localised optimisation.

What results does local SEO bring?

Having a local SEO Perth strategy generally brings two positive outcomes to your business. First, it lets you communicate with search engines, like Google, to provide users with the most relevant local results. Secondly, local SEO allows you to efficiently reach your local market within a specific town, city, region or state.

These two results, in turn, reel in a myriad of other advantages. You get better search engine rankings, higher online traffic and more local customers. With the extra online exposure, you get more repeat clients and business revenue, too. So, it’s no longer surprising why small businesses can easily outperform their fiercest competitors through local SEO!

Google’s study on local search behaviour further stresses the importance of this SEO technique. One of its findings is that 50% of people who make a local mobile search go to the physical store on the same day.

About 34% of computer or tablet local searches also led to the same outcome. More importantly, 18% of local mobile searches led to a sale within one day.

These findings also emphasise the importance of adaptability to achieve business success. People are now using local intent to find products or services that they need. They are also relying more on their mobile devices when doing a local search.

As a business owner, it’s easier to cater to these market search trends and gain all sorts of benefits in return through your local SEO Perth efforts.

What is a local map pack?

The local map pack is a SERP feature that shows a map of business locations plus a list of relevant business listings to a local search. Some also call it the snack pack results. This feature works through Google My Business listings, and its algorithm gets to select the best results to display.

It is valuable for businesses and industries that want to connect with their local customers.

The local pack display varies and depends on the nature of the search query or the business type. It used to show up to seven relevant listings. But now, results are often down to three, making competition higher for these coveted spots.

There are several details that you get to view in this boxed section. Some of the most valuable include the prominent map display, clear call to action and ongoing business deals. There’s also a view all button below the top three listings to see other relevant search engine results.

The local map pack appears at the top of Google’s first SERP. And so, it is perfect for businesses who need to boost their online visibility, especially those who are not into pay-per-click advertising. Brick-and-mortar store owners find this feature helpful in enhancing business awareness, in-store foot traffic and revenue at the local level, too.

The Google Maps also give search users and prospective clients quick access to the business website, operation hours, address and contact details.

Superb positioning through the local map pack brings other advantages. Higher click-through rates are among them. It helps you attract customers who need results fast or have the shortest attention span. Being in the local pack can positively influence people’s buying decisions, too, especially mobile searchers.

All they have to do is use the pack’s click-to-call button to contact you. Of course, the more phone calls you receive, the more sales you make. And if you manage to score lots of reviews and high ratings, Google will display it for your target audience to see and skim as well.

These raving reviews should make it even easier for you to keep customers coming.

How can my business appear on a local map pack?

If you’ve set up your Google My Business listing (GMB) account, then your site is already eligible to appear on the local map pack. However, to make it appear on the SERPs is up to the algorithm.

There are ways to increase the odds of being on the local map, though. And that is by optimising your business listing and providing all the pertinent details Google needs.

For instance, make sure your main attributes like physical address and business category are all accurate. If you change your address, extend work hours or operate on holidays, you must update those, too.

The more relevant information you provide, the more likely Google will favour your site. You must verify your business location as well. Google provides a verification process that you need to accomplish, so check your status and update.

Aside from these recommendations, you can also add relevant photos of your storefront, menu or office interior to your business profile. Search users are especially fond of checking images when deciding to visit a particular business location.

You might want to optimise your website as well. Evaluate its SEO status and apply the necessary improvements, especially on content and link authority. Make sure to pay close attention to its mobile-friendliness, security, speed and crawlability, too.

Lastly, make sure to allow customers to send you reviews or post enquiries. Make sure to respond to them as soon as possible, too. Google search algorithm particularly likes businesses that are into building meaningful connections with their audience.

Search engines translate engagement as good customer service that, of course, deserve higher local search visibility.

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