What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (used to be called Adwords) is the advertising platform of Google. Businesses are given the chance to showcase their ads on Google’s results once a visitor enters certain words or phrases in the search box. Google Ads works in a cost-per-click (CPC) model. This means that even though your ad shows up multiple times. You will only pay for every click visitors make on your ad.

As a business or an advertiser, you can target certain keywords in your ads allowing you to show your business or ad details in front of a prospective customer who uses your targeted keywords. This gives you the ability to choose only words or phrases that have buyer intent. Meaning, you can choose to show your ad only on keywords searched for by customers who are most likely to purchase your products and/or services and direct them to a relevant page on your website.

Who Is It For

Google Ads is best for new businesses or businesses that have a new website as it leads to quicker results in traffic and sales compared to SEO. For businesses that are already established, it is best used as an alternative traffic channel. It can be used as an addition to SEO and other marketing tactics a business employs.

When Google Ads is used in conjunction with SEO, you have multiple marketing channels that show up in search engine search results. This leads to increased probability of potential leads visiting your website and contacting your business.

How We Deliver Results

To ensure you only need a smaller starting campaign budget, our team of Google Ads professionals will research, analyse, and select the best “buying” keywords for your business. These target keywords are the ones used by customers who have a higher probability of turning into customers.

Each unique campaign is strategically crafted and is dependent on factors that produce optimum results. In addition, every competitor ad is analysed in order to come up with better campaigns that produce revenue for your business.

Traffic is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to marketing your website. [Company Name] will audit your website and suggest improvements to ensure visitors who come into your site won’t click the back button. These improvements will ensure that your prospects are “converted” into paying customers.

Once a campaign is created, it is constantly monitored by our team while analysing its results. This analysis will lead to further optimisation of the campaigns and further improvements of the website in order to increase the conversion rate of the entire Ads strategy.

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