WOW! You’re visiting this page. Thank you! Why don’t you stay a while and have a look? Who is Infinite Ace? Who is the team behind it? Hmmm… We can’t wait to tell you more about us!

We’re a boutique search engine marketing agency based in Melbourne Australia that specialises in growing service businesses online.

When you sell a service, what do you need? You need the awareness and revenue to grow your business! Our experience with companies in the service industry has been invaluable. As a result, our clients usually double or triple their ROI after working with us.

It was always a thrill for us when we heard stories from some of our clients that due to our successful campaigns:

  1. A client was able to spend more time with his kids because he could hire more staff to help his business. He didn’t have to work 7 days a week anymore at his office.
  2. A client was able to bring her husband to work together in her company. Previously her husband worked for a different firm because the business was not generating enough sales.
  3. A client was able to grow her practices and set up offices in few different locations. She achieved her dreams of working less hours and grow her team to more than 12 members.

These stories are the reasons why we love what we do and stay motivated to help our clients every day.

To achieve great results for the clients, there’s an Ace team behind it all, and we’re going to tell you about them.



Infinite Ace is the brainchild of Yos William. He got involved in the search engine marketing industry when he started his Arsenal blog back in 2010. His industrial engineering background and his sense of curiosity led him to run some personal experiments where he ranked 5-page and 10-page websites to the top of Google search for skin related keywords.

After seeing the SEO results, he brought to one of his friends, where he grew his business from a 1-man band to a team of 6 members, Yos felt more business owners would benefit from his skills. Thus, back in 2014, he launched his first business assisting small-medium business owners with SEO and Google Ads. It’s a journey he’s been enjoying ever since.

In his spare time, you may bump into him in a local restaurant around Melbourne, as he is a foodie by DNA. He lives by the motto “I don’t want to look back and think, I could have eaten that”.


Lorelei (Lei) has been a proficient website content writer since 2009. With more than a decade of writing experience, she has honed her skills pretty well, creating fresh, informative content every time. She believes that writing is a gift with no formula or template; a form of art which ignites creativity and imagination sprinkled with intellect and understanding.

In her opinion, writing and cooking are quite similar because you are playing with ingredients and binding them together to create one lovely piece of artwork. She is also a wife and mum to two lovely daughters and one adorable four-legged furry baby. She is a certified foodie, a Netflix fan and a travel addict. Lei believes that “Travelling is necessary because it feeds your soul and widens your perspective”.


April is the all-rounder SEO specialist of Infinite Ace. An asset to the company, April exemplifies an efficient team player with the passion to pursue continuous learning in the field of SEO. She has a professional work attitude and reliable multi-tasking skills. April believes that the SEO industry is a synthesis of science, business, creativity and technical expertise rolled into one.

Nothing is permanent in the SEO world; thus, one has to be flexible in adapting to the ever-changing Google algorithm. April finds satisfaction in her career as she sees herself grow with the company for the years and even decades to come. As a certified Infinite Ace Angel, she, too is a food lover. Trying different types of food after long walks with her son is one of her favourite bonding moments; something she considers priceless.


Anne is a passionate team member who takes care of the technical side of marketing – SEM. Being the team’s tech guru, Anne functions as an internal Subject Matter Expert on the Google Ads platform. She has sharpened her skills well in Digital Advertising as she has been in the industry for 10 years now. One of her career goals is to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the advertising niche; which is why she took online courses to ensure she wouldn’t be left behind.

As a wife and mum, Anne is happily enjoying every minute with her growing family as she is expecting baby number 2 in September 2021. During her free time, she enjoys making cute bento food for her clever 5-year-old girl. Anne believes that digital marketing will continue to be the backbone of the business world. It is the versatility and flexibility of the business that fascinates and motivates her to spend years at work.