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Why Physiotherapists Need SEO

SEO for Physios

If you’ve just dived into the world of online business, you might be wondering about the exact role of SEO for physiotherapists like you. Well, back in the day, potential patients would depend on phone directories or newspaper ads to find an experienced physiotherapist.

SEO for physiotherapists is the process of improving your physiotherapy clinic website’s visibility, so it is seen more often by people searching for services related to your physio business in the search engines. Patients can find and book an appointment through an online search, using a computer or any mobile device.

You know that physiotherapy practice is a highly competitive industry. In the country alone, the Physiotherapy Board of Australia has 35,290 registered therapists as of 31 January 2020.

About 25% of this total is in Victoria. Moreover, new physiotherapists enter the industry each year. With so many other physiotherapy clinics offering the same services, you need to do something to stand out. And that’s where effective SEO for physio clinics comes in!

1. SEO increases your online visibility.

Physio clients with sports injuries, neck pains and all sorts of conditions are more likely to turn to the Internet to find your physiotherapy clinic. However, considering the competition, it’s not enough to put up a website and wait for patient enquiries to come. What you need are physio SEO strategies, so your target audience can quickly find you.

Most physiotherapy appointments do not require a referral, making an SEO-friendly physiotherapist website even more important. With a commanding online presence, you can effortlessly attract fresh leads. A steady stream of new patients is, undoubtedly, crucial to your success.

2. SEO helps outshine competitors.

As you become more and more visible online through SEO, prospective patients can reach you before any other physio clinics can! More importantly, high online visibility also means more people visiting your physiotherapy website.

High organic search traffic naturally increases your opportunity to build a better client base. On top of that, it also sends search engines, like Google, the right signals to boost your rankings. Securing a slot on the first page is a feat and up-to-date SEO efforts can help you highlight your unique selling points.

3. SEO delivers long-term impact at a lower cost.

Isn’t paid advertisement more effective? Paid marketing strategies still deliver results. But the problem is, they can be expensive. SEO strategies, on the other hand, require time and effort but do not cost as much. This factor is what makes SEO an excellent alternative for small companies and start-ups.

Yes, SEO success does not happen overnight. However, with keyword optimisation, quality website content and backlinks in place, your website can generate traffic for a long time. Even if you decide to stop your SEO efforts, users can still find and contact you. Costly paid advertisements, on the other hand, require continuous ads spending to keep the traffic going.

How SEO Brings Results for Physiotherapists

Understanding the role of SEO for physiotherapists is one thing. Applying SEO to reap its rewards is another. But the right SEO team and these tried-and-tested techniques can help you get the job done!

1. High-quality content

Most people perceive medical and health-related content as too technical. And so, it’s unfortunate when users don’t bother to read, much less click, your informative articles. However, through a custom content strategy, you can revamp your pages with articles and posts that your readers will find interesting and useful.

With the addition of SEO, you get to reinforce your exciting website content with optimised keywords, meta-descriptions, titles and tags. These, in turn, make your blogs, press releases or social media articles more searchable. And when you keep on generating such high-calibre content, you create an invaluable resource: repeat customers.

2. On-page SEO elements

Focus physiotherapy keywords? Meta titles? We know. These are not terms that you encounter every day or even in any of your physiotherapy readings. And for busy health professionals, it’s hard enough to attend to patients’ needs, much less comprehend unfamiliar website requirements.

For tricky SEO components, an expert team can provide you with much-needed assistance. With expert implementation, you have better chances of getting the ultimate goal: higher rankings.

3. Niche-specific keywords

People who use search engines to find medical services want quick and exact results. And so, it’s unlikely for them to type in keywords like “musculoskeletal injuries” or “massage” that will only produce generic search results.

SEO for physiotherapists focuses on doing a detailed keyword research and using long-tail keywords to let your specific-intent audience find you. For instance, if you have “physiotherapy for joint pains” webpage on your website, patients in need of this service are likely to visit you.

Niche-based keywords can then help you gain a profitable asset: conversion-generating traffic.

4. Local SEO

How do you search for physiotherapy businesses or services online? If you enter terms like “physio clinic near me” or “physiotherapists Melbourne”, then you are not alone. To be exact, about 97% of consumers search local businesses this way.

This stat emphasises the significance of having local search engine optimisation specialists help you. Their tasks include, but not limited to, adding geo-targeted keywords within your pages and managing your Google My Business profile.

Applying local SEO for physiotherapists works like niche-specific keywords. It helps you concentrate your search engine optimisation efforts on people who need your therapy services and live near your physio practice. Make the most of this SEO strategy, and you get an all-important edge: increased patient opportunities.

5. Off-page SEO tactics

Physiotherapy, like all other medical professions, is mainly dependent on trust. To gain new patients, you need to offer your services with authority and confidence. Off-page SEO can help you highlight your credentials, extensive experience and achievements.

SEO experts use relevant links and guest blogging to establish your credibility. They can also help manage your Google My Business reviews. Both of which work today in word-of-mouth marketing.

Aside from a continuous stream of happy and satisfied clients, this SEO strategy gives you two other benefits: a powerful online reputation and better SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Keen to start your physio SEO journey today? Contact us now, and let’s get down to business!

Why Choose Infinite Ace

Can you optimise a website yourself? Well, yes, you can. But SEO has intricacies that take time to learn and master. Like health sciences, SEO also changes over time but at a faster rate. It will be challenging for you to get excellent results while juggling two very different disciplines.

Having an agency that can handle SEO for physiotherapists like Infinite Ace is the best way to go. We’ll ensure that you can take care of your patients while we help you get more! Our team of SEO, Google Analytics and PPC specialists have worked with several business industries, from health, logistics to law to music, to achieve their SEO and business goals.

We only rely on proven and ethical SEO techniques to help your physio clinic succeed. Best of all, we offer custom and premium services at reasonable rates.

SEO success story

The best part of working in the SEO business is helping others succeed in theirs. It’s funny how we feel as happy as the business owners when we start seeing results. One such unforgettable experience is Wyndham Physio and Rehabilitation in Werribee, VIC.

The physiotherapy clinic has already been in operations for over 30 years when we met its owners, Russel and Jennifer. They’ve set up a website, but it wasn’t working as they wanted it to be.

Upon initial inspection, we instantly figured out why: the website was not appealing enough to generate traffic and attract patient leads. No wonder their conversion rate was also significantly low.

Good thing Infinite Ace was there to rescue them in time! After some tweaks on their website layout, map listing, footer and mobile site, we monitored and reported results for two years. Long story short, we were able to increase their leads by 400%! The calls they receive per month quadrupled as well.

Applying SEO for physio clinics works wonders indeed. You can read more about our services and this success story here.

How Infinite Ace Applies SEO for Physio Clinics

Infinite Ace is a Melbourne-based digital agency that specialises in SEO and Google Ads management. Our experience and expertise help business owners like you successfully thread the dynamic world of digital marketing. We concentrate our efforts on turning your enhanced online presence into leads and revenue.

While we tailor our services to your operations, we complement it with a standard step-by-step process. This way, you know exactly what happens in every phase and when to see progress. Here’s how we work our magic.

1. Investigate

Our work begins with identifying the problem areas that are significantly affecting your online visibility and Google ranking position. Our findings then serve as our foundation when creating your custom SEO plan. There are many ways to do this step, but examples include:

  • Keyword research. Here, we look for the best target keywords that people use when looking for physio clinics or physiotherapy services online. A proper keyword search helps us know which short-tail or long-tail phrases should be on your website or pages.
  • Website audit. Like your physical clinic, your website should look clean, pleasant and inviting. More importantly, it should be easy to navigate, so visitors can quickly contact you or find what they need. An audit then allows us to list down crucial website elements that need improvement, particularly those affecting your performance and rankings.
  • Competitor analysis. Studying your fiercest competitors in the search engine results page (SERP) can also give us an idea of their strengths and weakness. Specifically, it lets us identify what these physio clinic websites have that you don’t. Replicating their strong points on your website is a crucial element in boosting your rankings.

2. Plan

Great results come from a well-planned SEO strategy. At Infinite Ace, we don’t just make any plan. We make sure it’s a plan that suits your needs, so we get things right from start to finish.

This strategy is what makes our SEO for physio clinics efficient. We ensure that our efforts focus on highlighting your best-selling points to make your business stand out.

Our primary goal is to create a website that engages and converts. To achieve this, we incorporate up-to-date SEO approaches. Our highly skilled professionals also work in alignment with the latest SEO trends and search engine algorithm updates.

We also incorporate specific techniques, like niche-specific keywords and local SEO, to ensure we’re reaching out to people who need your physiotherapy treatment the most.

3. Implement

At this stage, we begin carrying out the tasks according to our checklist. We can work with your content writer and start making original and engaging content that works for you. Don’t worry if you don’t have a copywriter as we can supply a copy which you can approve before we upload it.

We’ll start working on the technical aspects, too, like meta titles, meta descriptions and images, so everything goes to plan. And if needed, we can give our suggestions to transform your website design. This will help to increase conversions to your site.

During this crucial step, we see to it that you are part of the process. We ensure that you understand every transition that we make and how these changes will benefit you. Establishing open communication also allows us to align SEO achievements with your actual operations. It’s not enough that we generate leads, after all. Converting these into satisfied and regular patients relies on your customer support and quality service.

4. Evaluate

Finally, once SEO measures are in place, the next thing we have to do is wait. It will likely take a few months before we see significant results. But the good news is we can continually monitor our progress to see if the plan is working. Here, we use various SEO tools to track your performance. You’ll get a monthly report as well so you can see the progress.

The numerical findings ensure that you get an objective assessment at the granular level every time. On our part, these give us a clear picture of things. These also help us decide whether we need to adjust for more desirable outcomes.

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