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What is SEO for Orthodontists?

Search Engine Optimization for an orthodontic practice

SEO for orthodontists is the process of improving your orthodontic clinic website’s visibility, so it is seen more often by people searching for services related to your ortho business in the search engines. Patients can find and book an appointment through an online search, using a computer or any mobile device.

If you arrive at this page after looking for the right SEO your orthodontic clinic, that means you know how useful it is for finding and acquiring new patients online. People have probably forgotten how to look for services in the newspaper or phone directories. All they need is to search for a specific service on a search engine using a smartphone or laptop.

Nowadays, creating an accessible website is not enough to stand out from the crowd. Did you know that orthodontists make up the largest group of dental specialists in Australia? This statistic finding further emphasises how competitive the orthodontic industry is.

Considering the number of websites offering similar orthodontics services, you need to implement other techniques to make your site more visible. SEO for orthodontists is one such technique.

The best part is, search engine optimisation applies to any industry. And it does not matter if you are experienced or new in the business. It is one of your tickets to outdo your fiercest competitors!

Is Orthodontist SEO Beneficial?

Dental health for potential customers in local presence

The short answer: yes.

Search engines like Google use various factors to evaluate your website. These factors mainly focus on website performance, relevance and authority. If you meet these standards, Google grants you higher rankings on the search page results. A better online presence, in turn, gives you several other advantages.

1. More clicks and online visitors

According to a study, the first five websites (organic results) on the search pages get 67.6% of the total clicks. That means, if your dental website is among the first page ranking results on Google, for example, your site visitors will significantly increase. More people clicking on your site also increases your chances of getting more dental clients.

2. Conversion-generating audience

As mentioned earlier, orthodontist SEO can significantly boost your website traffic. However, SEO brings in high-quality traffic. Do you want to attract more patients from nearby your clinic’s location (local searches)?

Or are you an experienced orthodontist who specialises in fixing crowded teeth? Whatever your specialisation is, you want people who need your services to come to your orthodontic office. And SEO can help you narrow down your audience.

3. Reliable brand and image

Top results get the most clicks as Internet users often relate high search rankings with credibility and relevance. Gaining the trust of online visitors leads to many other benefits.

Constantly seeing your brand, for instance, can help build recall and make word-of-mouth help with patient gathering. Blog posting and adding a case study page can further enhance your website authority and, of course, conversion rates.

4. Cost-efficient marketing

Compared with traditional marketing techniques and even paid searches, SEO for orthodontists is a more affordable investment. It lets you generate more leads and direct marketing efforts to people who matter to your private orthodontics practice.

Even if you decide to stop your SEO efforts, people can still search online and may find your site. SEO rewards do not happen overnight, but their long-term value is undoubtedly well worth it.

How Can I Implement Orthodontist SEO?

Search results for the service page of a local business

Understanding the role and benefits of SEO for orthodontists is one thing. Applying SEO to enjoy its rewards is another. These tried and tested techniques can help you get the job done!

1. High-quality content creation

Does your orthodontic website include a blog? If not, have you thought of starting one? Search engines like Google are fond of ranking oral health-related websites like yours because they contain informative content that educate people.

A blog post that provides expert advice or perhaps describes a novel dental procedure will appeal to online visitors and search engines. This content type is easy to share on social media platforms or email newsletters, too. Shareable content means more traffic for your site!

You can also add a case study or an FAQ page on your website to answer patient questions or provide expert advice. Such website content helps build your authority in the orthodontic field. Moreover, keyword-rich content allows you to boost your SEO efforts.

2. Keyword research and local SEO

Before creating your content, it’s important to conduct keyword research first. This process involves finding short-tail or long-tail phrases that people enter into search engines. Using search intent keywords optimises your content, increases your relevance and makes your site searchable.

Local SEO is a related and efficient technique that experts use. How do you search for orthodontists and their services online? If you enter terms like “orthodontic clinics near me” or “orthodontists in Melbourne”, then you are not alone. Did you know that about 97% of consumers search local businesses in this manner? That’s because no one wants to travel far to get corrective braces or plastic aligners!

Applying local SEO for orthodontists through geo-targeted keywords allows you to concentrate your efforts on people in the community who need your services.

Copies, domain, page titles and meta descriptions with your town or location added as keywords are one way to do it. Having a Google My Business account or using local search directories like Google Maps is another option.

3. Off-page SEO and link building

High-quality link building is another vital ranking factor to consider if you want to strengthen your website relevance and credibility. The process involves adding external website links that lead to target websites. It signals search engines of your site’s authoritativeness and value to users.

Guest blogging or contacting industry leaders to share your content are some link building tactics you can do. Creating articles about affiliated organisations or product manufacturers also opens a lot of linking opportunities.

Link acquisition can take time and effort, though. However, you can focus on building up page views through internal linking instead. Adding inbound links to your content can make your website visitors stay, ensure smooth navigation and contribute to increased conversion rates.

4. Technical SEO

This strategy focuses on efforts that make your orthodontic website faster, more responsive and user-friendly. It also ensures that search engines can find, read and understand what your website is all about.

Common technical SEO tactics include adjusting your page load time to reduce bounce rates and designing a mobile-friendly website. Upgrading your site security, optimising your meta tags and following Google’s SEO guidelines are also viable steps. Implementing technical SEO can be tricky and complicated, though. So, it’s often best to leave it to the SEO experts or consultants.

Keen to apply orthodontist SEO the stress-free way? Contact us now, and let us take care of the tuning and tweaking!

Can Infinite Ace Help Me?

Infinite Ace helps dominate your top keywords for the local area

Absolutely! We are, after all, a Melbourne-based digital agency that specialises in SEO and Google Ads management. Our experience and expertise help owners and professionals like you overcome digital marketing complexities to achieve optimum business growth. More specifically, we follow a foolproof formula of putting SEO for orthodontists and your operations together for increased organic leads and revenue.

There may be several companies offering digital marketing and orthodontic SEO services out there. But our team ensures that you, our clients, are in capable hands! So, why should you choose us over other agencies?

  • To experience customer-centric service. We know that setting up and running your business entails a lot of resources. And so, we provide solutions that suit your operations and will not put any of your resources to waste. You can also learn more about our previous clients and accomplishments from our case studies.
  • To work with a credible team. Our success stories will not be possible without our experienced team of SEO, Analytics and PPC experts. By combining our specialised skills, we ensure that every step of our SEO plan delivers results. A long-term SEO project is more rewarding with a group that you can rely on with confidence!
  • To avoid Google penalties. We do not believe in shortcuts, quick fixes and dishonest work practices. And so, we make sure that we employ white-hat SEO every time. This way, your business enjoys all the benefits without any issue.
  • To obtain measurable ROI. The good thing about SEO is that its results are objective. We use a broad range of proven metrics, like traffic, rankings and leads, to efficiently determine your ROI. At Infinite Ace, we ensure you get periodic reports and numerical findings to keep you in the loop throughout the campaign.
  • To get value for money. Finally, and perhaps best of all, you get all these at reasonable rates!

What are the Steps?

The Infinite Ace team works by following our standard step-by-step SEO process. This way, you know exactly what happens in every phase and when to see progress. Here’s how we work our magic.

1. Investigate

Our work begins with identifying the problem areas that are significantly affecting your online visibility and ranking position. We then use our findings to create your custom SEO plan. The processes involved depend on your website, but examples include:

  • Website audit. Our service often starts with auditing, where we check various elements of your website for improvements. This process usually includes spotting and fixing website errors like slow-loading pages. We can also correct web navigation issues that are potentially affecting your performance and rankings.
  • Keyword search. We look for the best target keywords that people use when searching online for clinics, orthodontic treatment or teeth alignment conditions. A proper keyword search helps us know which short-tail or long-tail phrases should be on your website and pages. This way, your site can reach out to the right audience that can give you traffic, leads, high conversion rates and more.
  • Competitor analysis. Studying your fiercest competitors in the SERP can also give us an idea of their strengths and weakness. Specifically, it lets us identify what these orthodontic websites have that you don’t. Replicating their strong points on your website is a crucial element in boosting your rankings.

2. Plan

Great results come from a well-planned orthodontic SEO strategy. At Infinite Ace, we don’t just make any plan. We make sure it’s a plan that suits your requirements to get the results that we want.

This strategy is what makes our SEO for orthodontists efficient. We ensure that our efforts focus on highlighting your best-selling points to make your business stand out.

Our primary goal is to create a website that engages and converts. To achieve this, we incorporate up-to-date SEO approaches. Our highly skilled professionals also work in alignment with the latest SEO trends and Google search engine algorithm updates.

We also incorporate specific methods, like niche-specific keywords and local SEO, to ensure we’re reaching out to people who need your orthodontic services the most.

3. Implement

At this stage, we begin carrying out the tasks according to our checklist. We can work with your content writer and start making original and engaging content that works for you. We’ll start working on the technical aspects, too, like titles, meta descriptions and images, so everything goes to plan.

During this crucial step, we see to it that you are part of the process. We ensure that you understand every transition that we make and how these changes will benefit you.

Establishing open communication also allows us to align SEO achievements with your actual operations. It’s not enough that we generate leads, after all. Converting these into satisfied clients relies on your quality service.

4. Evaluate

Finally, once our orthodontist SEO measures are in place, the next thing we have to do is wait for results. It will likely take a few months before we see them, though. But the good news is we can continually monitor our progress to see if the plan is working. Here, we use various SEO tools to track your performance.

The numerical findings ensure that you get an objective assessment at the granular level every time. These also help us decide whether we need to adjust for better outcomes.

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