Search engine optimisation (SEO) is key to boosting your business online, improving your site ranking, and getting more enquiries. But the thing is, the SEO process is not a one-off strategy.

Once you apply it, you have to be ready to maintain it. Otherwise, your rankings in search results will eventually drop, then the competitors take over.

To understand this further, here are other reasons why continuous SEO and sustainable success go hand in hand.

1. Search engine algorithm updates are ever-present.

Major search engines want to give their users the best and most relevant results. And a way to do that is through algorithm updates. One example is Google’s most recent update on core web vitals, which focuses on improving user experience.

Also, search algorithm updates are vital in weeding out websites that apply black hat SEO strategies. You see, millions of websites fight for that coveted top spot on the search results.

Some would then resort to unethical shortcuts like keyword stuffing to rank faster. These quick fixes, in turn, make algorithm updates more and more complex.

These updates mean hard work on your end, though. But these also encourage you to deliver quality products, services or content for users.

So, once your SEO process starts rolling, remember to read credible news or consult a reliable SEO expert for future updating needs. That way, you can make timely changes and not put your search rankings, organic traffic or profit on the line.

Why SEO is a Continuous Process

2. User behaviour regularly changes and evolves.

People use keywords to search for products, services or information online. However, their search habits and the keywords they use can change at any time.

That means, if you’re attracting lots of organic search traffic from a keyword, the effect may not be the same in a few weeks or months. User behaviour is like a trend: what works now may not work in the future.

If you stick to a less-effective set of keywords, people will eventually have a hard time finding you online. Worse, your up-to-date business rival is benefitting from it.

The best solution is to incorporate frequent keyword research in your SEO process. Find SEO tools that check your keywords’ efficacy, then make room for improvements.

For example, evaluate your previously published articles. Perhaps, enhancing your pile of outdated content is what you need to stay relevant and visible.

Voice search applications can help you adapt to changing user behaviour, too.

3. Your competitors are routinely working on their SEO.

The online world is home to hundreds or thousands of businesses offering the same products or services as you. And when you stop working on your SEO process, they can quickly snatch your digital presence and customers away.

Even if you’re a top performer, it’s no good to be complacent either. That’s because new entrants will always come along and outrank you.

A wiser move is to not let up on your SEO campaign efforts. A solid continuous SEO strategy will keep you competitive and ahead of your fiercest rivals.

Apply ways to stand out from the crowd! Always publish high-quality content, apply keyword or search intent and incorporate credible backlinks.

Check out these tips on website optimisation if you need to know more.

Why SEO is a Continuous Process - Infinite Ace

4. Your business is not static.

Over time, your business may undergo all sorts of changes and adjustments. For example, you might introduce or discontinue certain products or tap into a new target market.

In these cases, changes in your SEO process are also necessary. Specifically, you’ll have to conduct market studies, produce fresh content or search for new long-tail keywords to ensure a smooth transition.

You will want to remove or reactivate relevant links, too, depending on the changes you make.

The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on businesses is probably the best example to explain this point. In Australia, for instance, telehealth services became the healthcare sector’s alternative to face-to-face consultations.

Owners of brick-and-mortar stores also shifted to online selling and deliveries to reach their customers. Continuous SEO efforts can help you adapt to such changes and preserve your existing markets.

5. New technologies are constantly emerging.

Technology has a direct effect on your SEO process. For example, people traditionally used desktop devices when searching online.

But the introduction of mobile phones and tablets changed that search behaviour. Businesses have to adapt by making their sites mobile-friendly.

The same goes for voice-enabled devices. More and more people are now using question-type search terms rather than keywords. In turn, it pushed businesses to move into conversational commerce content.

We are likely to see more technologies changing business operations in the future. And so, this early, your business should stay open to advancements and their potential effects on your SEO campaign.

Why SEO is a Continuous Process - Infinite Ace

6. Continuous SEO assists in gradual business growth.

SEO efforts take many forms. You can produce high-quality content to generate organic search traffic. If you regularly publish engaging articles, people will visit you more often and, eventually, convert.

Adding long-tail keywords to your pages is another SEO strategy. And if you keep optimising your site for keywords, your business gets better search engine ranking results.

Of course, all of these benefits do not happen overnight. SEO results take a long time. And when you don’t make frequent updates, the results can take longer.

Naturally, discontinuing your SEO efforts altogether can hurt your organic traffic and leads.

On the other hand, a continuous SEO process means you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities. More importantly, you get to spot performance issues before they affect your operations.

Start-ups, in particular, need all the help they can get to make it through the noisy business world. Ongoing SEO can give them that much-needed boost to stay afloat, grow and succeed.


“Change is the only constant in life.” This saying seems applicable to SEO as well.

It requires your continuous attention, effort and innovation. That’s because the elements of the digital world are ever-changing, too.

New updates and technologies emerge, and competitors come and go. Even customers are becoming more specific and discerning. Business owners then need to be extra flexible to remain competitive.

Those are the reasons why SEO is a continuous process. It is a hard work and time-consuming. But with it, you get to preserve your SEO rankings, attract more customers and, of course, boost your conversion rate.

The benefits undoubtedly outweigh the costs. So, keep your SEO efforts going, and stay relevant, visible and in the game!