Local search engine optimisation (SEO) and relevant content go hand in hand. That is until you encounter the dreaded creative slump. The solution? Check out this list of informative blog post ideas that should keep you inspired and your business growing!

Why Create a Local SEO Blog

But first, you might be wondering why it’s necessary for business owners like you to create blog content. Isn’t blogging a bit outdated?

Not really. Content is still king when it comes to local SEO. Articles that combine your products or services with what’s happening in your area effectively generate traffic.

It’s your foolproof way of educating and helping an engaged audience. Hyperlocal content ideas also make potential customers curious.

More importantly, satisfied and happy customers boost your local ranking.

What Should You Write About?

While you can talk about anything under the sun, your focus should be on topics that benefit your business and clients. Of course, presentation is also key to making your content appealing and worth sharing.

Here are some business blog post ideas to spark inspiration and keep your creative juices flowing.

1. Talk about Current News or Trends

People generally want to stay in the loop of what’s hot and new. Such topics attract your current customers and random page visitors alike.

Reading online reviews, enquiries, and comments should give you clues of what’s currently affecting your target audience. Google Trends can also help you with this.

Aside from featuring a popular subject, you can also feature predictions like SEO trends or fashion pieces to wear next year.

Creating a weekly roundup of news stories related to your industry is a good strategy, too. This one should also make it easy to add external links from credible sources.

2. Share a Case Study or Customer Success Story

We like blog post ideas with multiple benefits to website owners or users. Take case studies, for instance.

This pillar-type content showcases the value of your product or service. An article about how your clinic helped a patient, for instance, establishes credibility.

Such content makes it easy for readers to understand and, eventually, patronise your product or service, too. It’s likely to attract random searchers looking for guaranteed solutions online as well. That’s because these articles typically cover a specific search intent and several long-tail keywords.

Case studies or customer success stories are also personal, authentic and unique. Sharing them can help your site stand out from other local businesses offering the same thing you do.

Infinite Ace_Case Study and Other Blog Post Ideas


3. Debunk Myths, Misunderstandings or Mistakes

Writers tend to limit themselves to positive blog post ideas, thinking that people are more likely to read them. But on the contrary, a study shows that negative headings are far more eye-catching and clickable.

So, make the most of this fact. Spice up your content creation a bit by discussing a misunderstanding, dispelling a myth or pointing out a mistake.

For example, talk about common root canal myths if you’re a dentist. If you’re in the fitness and nutrition industry, why not list down the bad things about a trending fad diet?

The aim here is not to put your business in a bad light. But this type of content can educate and convince readers who may have doubts about your product or service.

4. Answer an FAQ or Customer Enquiry

Do you get lots of questions in your inbox or comment section? If you spot a frequent question that needs a longer explanation, why not turn it into a blog post?

People love information, especially those that answer their problems. Google also rewards pages that help readers with better search rankings. Plus, an FAQ article can effectively target relevant searches or terms.

And so, if you’re in the finance sector, you can feature a customer’s credit card problem. Then, make sure to give solutions that others can easily understand.

You can turn this content idea into a weekly FAQ series, too. If you want, compile relevant questions about a topic, then provide brief answers for each.

5. Feature an Expert or Celebrity

One way to boost traffic and, eventually, your rankings is to build a page people can trust. And getting industry experts’ insights is one way to gain that value.

You can incorporate this blog post idea the next time you write a how-to article, for example. Attending conventions or summits lets you feature a special event and interview authoritative people in your business, too.

Guest blogging is another way to do this. When your invited expert shares the guest post, you will likely generate lots of traffic and leads.

Collaborations with celebrities or influencers also make excellent blog post ideas. You see, readers believe and trust people they admire. You can then use this behaviour to build your brand and attract more patrons.

Infinite Ace_Blog Post Ideas with Industry Experts

6. Welcome New Team Members

Hiring new employees, especially for a small local business, is an exciting milestone. And people generally enjoy reading about achievements and encouraging stories.

That’s why articles about your team are winning blog post ideas. Here, you can briefly describe their background then explain their role at work. Turn it into a fun interview if you like! Take it as an opportunity to express your appreciation for the people who make your operations happen.

Welcoming new staff displays continuous business growth, too. And hard-working and determined owners naturally gain their readers’ hearts and support.

7. Highlight a Community Event or Charity

Showing a great sense of community is always a plus for local business operators. And so, when possible, squeeze in content that features local happenings. For instance, if you are a hotel owner or realtor, why not feature the best things to do within your area?

If you are supporting a local charity, share it with your readers as well. It is good PR and will highlight what your priorities and goals are.

Also, this type of content promotes your business’s value and relevance to your target audience. More importantly, it enhances your brand’s online visibility in the local search.

8. Write Seasonal Topics Related to Your Business

Local-based seasons like sales events, weather changes, special occasions and holidays drive people to shop and spend. And as a business owner, it’s only natural to capitalise on them.

Seasonal blog post ideas can do just that. Yes, your focus should be on producing evergreen content. But then, similar to other niche-focused content, people heavily search for seasonal topics for a while.

You might be losing potential customers and organic traffic if you don’t use them to your advantage.

Here’s an example. If you own a beauty clinic, write what your business has to offer on Australia Day. Or, list down the 10 superfoods to eat during winter to boost health if you are a nutritionist.

9. Do a Behind-the-Scenes Post

People read your blogs and support your business because they can relate to you. They like your character and the things that you do.

That’s why behind-the-scene articles are popular among readers. And while such posts are entertaining, a glimpse of how you work signals authenticity and transparency.

You can do this through a story-like presentation, complete with pictures of your workplace and staff. Better yet, produce a video content post using Facebook Live or your YouTube channel.

Some use this idea to show a part of them outside their workplace. For instance, a doctor can write what his day is like when he’s not attending to patients.

These blog post ideas humanise your page, making it easy for followers to connect with you.

10. Post Interactive Content

Readers love to talk about and share interactive posts. On the flip side, business owners make these to encourage reactions, build up interest and keep an engaged audience.

And when successful, well-crafted interactive content can enhance brand awareness and conversion rate. That’s why some blog writers would use it to boost email subscriptions.

You see, people who read such content and, eventually, subscribe are genuinely interested and more likely to buy your products.

But which interactive post should you publish?

Creating a poll or survey about your products is one example. Either can give you valuable information, too, like buying preference and consumer feedback.

Hosting a contest or giveaway is another way to do it. Both blog post ideas are fun and engaging. They will effortlessly help grow your following, too!


Face-to-face encounter is vital to business success. But times have changed. Now, people go online to look for products or services they need.

As business owners, we need to adapt and translate physical interaction into blogs and posts. But rather than write about any topic, choose blog post ideas based on Google’s EAT principles.

Make every article count. Publish high-quality content that displays your expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Focus on sharing valuable local information that, in turn, will generate traffic, bring profit and boost SEO ranking.