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Reputation in the past was mainly accomplished through word of mouth communication.

However, thanks to technology and the Internet, today reputation is mainly handled through Google searches, Google My Business, online reviews, and social mentions.

With a majority of business transactions and purchases now happening in the online space, the reputation of your business or brand is a critical factor to consider.

Bad reputation can easily affect your business while good online reputation will significantly improve conversions and sales.

So, how can our platform, EasyReview, help to manage your business’ reputation?

Introducing EasyReview

EasyReview is a platform that Infinite Ace offers to clients in terms of reputation management. It is a system that allows you to collect customer testimonials in a simple dashboard.

You will have access to the dashboard, which is customisable to your needs.

What it essentially does is for you to provide a link to your customers to review your business conveniently. Most customers find it cumbersome having to search your business on Google then leave a review. It is just too much work for some.

With EasyReview, we can set up a custom link, which you will email to your customers. Your customers will get into the custom page built and leave a review there.

The beauty of EasyReview is that you can set up a minimum threshold for the star rating as we set up the dashboard for you.

For example, when a customer rates 3 or above stars (if your minimum threshold is 3 stars), the customer will be redirected to your Google My Business Page and/or Facebook Page to leave their review. Meanwhile, if the rate is below 3 stars, the customer will be redirected your feedback box where they can send their negative feedback to you instead.

EasyReview is not a complicated reputation management platform but it does help to filter out any negative reviews. It also provides opportunities to resolve customer complains or misunderstandings, which may result in less than favourable social proof.

Business Problems Which Can Be Solved by Using EasyReview

1. Prompt Response to Reviews

Reputation management helps you to respond promptly to any negative feedback or review posted through EasyReview about your business. It also helps you to engage with customers who have posted positive feedback.

2. Showcasing Positive Customer Testimonials

You will have the option of displaying positive customer testimonials about your business from EasyReview to your website. Showcasing positive customer reviews on your website will increase confidence in your website visitor. Thus, increasing the chances of the visitor engaging with your business.

3. Integrating with Your Existing CRM

EasyReview can integrate with your existing CRM system such as MailChimp. This allows you to bulk email your existing clients in the database to get their feedback. The feedback form will be personalised and pre-filled with your client’s name and email for personalisation.

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