Most business owners have Google Ads as their go-to PPC platform nowadays. With this form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you need to pay a fee each time a user clicks on your ad. But can you grow your business with Google Ads?

Google Ads can help you advance your business goals for sure. Specifically, it enables customers, online or in-person, to interact with your business and consider your products or services. It also gives you a clearer picture of your market so you can reach out to them better.

Competition online among business owners is high. And so, understanding current marketing strategies like Google Ads is crucial.

Keep reading to learn how this can help drive sales and let you stay one step ahead of your fiercest rivals.

7 Ways Google Ads Can Advance Your Business Goals

Google Ads has helped businesses from various industries succeed. Here are the reasons you should also consider it to grow your business.

1. Allow flexible marketing

A versatile marketing platform is a big plus for businesses. With it, it’s easier to optimise your resources and obtain the marketing results you need.

And Google Ads is one of the best examples as it suits companies of any type or size. It’s also highly compatible with most internet marketing or software systems.

You can also set budget limits to different areas of your campaign that would benefit your business the most.

Also, several Google Ads campaign types are available to match your operations, goals and target market. These include the following:

  • Search ads give your ads a chance to appear on the Google SERP alongside organic search results.
  • Shopping ads let e-commerce websites promote their products through Google’s search engine in a carousel interface.
  • Display ads allow you to advertise products or services in an image, video or banner form through the Google display network.
  • Video ads show skippable or non-skippable video advertisements before, during or after YouTube content.
  • App ads let you display ads on Google Search, YouTube, Ad Mob, Discover and Google Play.

Infinite Ace_Video Ads and Other Google Ads Campaign

2. Develop brand awareness

Connecting your brand with your customers is an effective way to grow your business with Google Ads.

As online users regularly see your ads, they become more familiar with your product and message.

Familiarity later transforms into a trusting relationship that leads to customers taking action.

One study by a marketing firm also found that Google Ads can boost top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) by 6.6%.

TOMA refers to the first product or service brand a person thinks of when shopping or recommending something.

Increasing your brand’s recall value is crucial to generating a profit and gaining new customers. In a way, brand awareness is like advertising without having to spend anything.

3. See detailed and fast results

Google Ads may take about 3 to 6 months to show noticeable developments. But despite the gradual progress, its dashboard gives all the vital info about your campaign.

You can see ad clicks, what these clicks cost, or the keywords visitors used to reach your site.

All these make it ideal for growing your business with Google Ads – you get to work with a highly transparent and intuitive system.

Its real-time data can objectively show you whether your campaign is working or not. More importantly, it helps you spot problem areas to resolve or improve.

Compared with organic search, you need a higher budget for Google Ads. But the results are instant.

After publishing your campaign, thousands or millions of online users can view your business website. With a boost in traffic, there’s a higher chance for you to gain potential customers and revenue.

4. Attract high-quality traffic and leads

Google Ads can put you at the top of the SERP and make your business more visible to users. But that’s not all.

This effective PPC marketing tool also boosts your online presence with razor-sharp precision. That means you’ll display your ads to a highly targeted audience actively searching for your product or service type.

With these targeted ads, you’ll relay your business message to the right customer. The best part is that you get optimum results (qualified leads, traffic and revenue) from your investment.

But how does this work exactly? Google Ads offers plenty of options to narrow down your target audience. And you can do your modifications at any time you see fit.

There are two types of ad targeting:

  • Audience. This type defines your target according to people’s location, job, industry, interests, age, personality and other similar demographics.
  • Content. This one uses keywords, topics and websites frequented by customers to define your audience.

Infinite Ace_Audience and Content Targeting

5. Learn more about your customers

Google Ads can help grow your business by providing valuable customer information. And this info is beyond the demographic profile.

This advertising platform can give you data that helps you understand your potential customers’ requirements, behaviour and habits.

How can such data advance your business goals? Well, if you know what your target audience wants, you gain repeat customers. And customer loyalty means steady revenue.

With Google Ads customer data, you can enhance your campaign or product to keep the audience engaged and happy.

You can also use such data for remarketing. Specifically, you can advertise to previous website visitors and encourage them to make a purchase.

6. Get a high return on investment (ROI)

Most business owners find Google Ads too expensive. In a way, this is true, considering you’ll be paying for every click whether it leads to a conversion or not.

But on the flip side, once you optimise your campaign and know which approach generates the best results, you’ll eventually enjoy high ROI.

On top of profit generation, Google Ads can also help grow your business financially in two ways:

  • It lets you save time and money. Initially, you’ll be spending money to get to know your target audience. Later on, you can use Google Ads’ targeting feature to narrow it down to your buy-ready customers. This way, you don’t have to deal with as many people, then get higher chances of making a sale and start bidding less.
  • It helps you make profitable business decisions. Targeting also helps you spot problematic aspects of your campaign, particularly those that do not generate revenue. Use this to adjust your strategy and concentrate your resources on areas that matter.

7. Challenge the competition

According to a 2021 Australian research, 42% of retailers agree that e-commerce revenue or online sales increased significantly.

Moreover, a whopping 70% of retailers have invested more in digital initiatives due to the global pandemic.

These findings suggest two crucial things. One is that more customers are opting to shop online, and two, business owners are aware of this.

Pre-pandemic, owning a business website is good enough. But with online competition steadily becoming more cutthroat, you need strategies like Google Ads that give you an edge.

Keep in mind that the online audience is more discerning, too. And so, while you’re at it, check your website and see if it’s up to standards.

Pairing your Google Ads campaign with a user-friendly website should help you boost sales and beat the competition successfully.


Applying Google Ads is an effective way to grow your business, without a doubt.

While its initial cost is high, it can give valuable data, boost leads and conversion rates, and overcome your strongest competitors.

But remember, you can only get these benefits if you fully understand your business goals and how Google Ads can help you.

Moreover, most business owners are too busy to master, implement and monitor this paid search strategy.

In that case, consider hiring a PPC or digital marketing agency. This tip should help you avoid wasting money and ensure your Google Ads success.