Web Optimisation Questionnaire

Web Optimisation Questionnaire 2019-06-13T17:10:44+10:00

Please answer the questions below to help us understand about your business and develop the most effective online marketing strategy for your company and brand.

Please fill out the following as best as you can. If you don’t know some of the details, please leave the section blank.


Example: http://www.business.com.au. If you have no website yet, just write none.

Example: 5 years. If you have no website yet, just write none.

Example: http:www.business.net.au, http://www.myotherwebsite.com.au

Example: Online health products, naturopathy consultation, building construction

Example: Online 60%, Consultation 40% / 20% Product category A, 60% Product Category B, Service 20%

Example: Only company in Australia to provide X brand product. etc

Example: buy online only/ call the office, set appointment, and have consultation

Example: More consultation service

Example: through word of mouth, yellow pages, Facebook ads, etc

Example: on average, a customer spends about $1000 per consultation/ per order

Example: on average, for every 5 phone calls to my business, 1 will become my customer

Example: www.competitor.com.au, www.company.com.au

Example: Increase traffic and conversions to website within 12 months

Example: 5% off for first booking, $50 OFF for next purchase, etc

Example: Melbourne, Sydney, Melbourne CBD, South Yarra, etc

Example: Plumber Melbourne, Dentist Sydney, etc. We will assess the feasibility and give suggestions if there are better keywords later.

Example: SEO – 1000-2000 AUD per month

Example: Adwords for 3 years X$ spend, SEO for 2 years X$ budget, promoting through Facebook Ads, Yellowpages

Example: Twitter @ourbrand, Google+ , Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc

We will send you the answers you have entered in this questionnaire

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