How we helped That’s Fencing get 10-20 enquiries per day – Story 1

How we helped That’s Fencing get 10-20 enquiries per day – Story 1 2018-11-05T17:20:24+10:00

Hey, you’ve made it here! Congratulations on taking the first step to growing your business further! We know you can’t wait to read our story. Let’s dive in!

Normally, a digital agency would only publish a website traffic chart that is skyrocketing, showing just how awesome they are at getting results. However, we are taking a slightly different approach. As you can see above, we have posted one of our client’s traffic chart which from the outset, looks like we haven’t done a good job for them. The traffic went up for a few months and then went down, sometimes there were sharp declines.

Just like a Christopher Nolan movie, there is always a twist at the end! In Inception, we thought that Dom, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, wouldn’t wake up to the real world. Or in the Dark Knight Rises, that Batman would die as a hero in the end. How wrong were we in the end (sorry to spoil the ending if you haven’t watched them).

Similar to the movies above, if you continue reading, you’ll soon be saying “Ooohhhh…” or “Aaaahh…” for the ending. So, let’s start from the beginning.

Background Story

That’s Fencing is a fencing company providing timber fencing installation services to homes located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Back in July last year we were approached by Heather, the co-owner of the business, for the second time. She was recommended to us by one of our existing clients. She previously used a digital agency whom she said hadn’t delivered any results for her business.

After thorough analysis, we decided to use Google Adwords primarily to help That’s Fencing get more leads and clients for the business.


Since we started the Adwords campaign back in July last year:

  1. The number of phone calls they receive every day went from 2-5/week to 10-20/day
  2. They filled up their appointment book from 1 week to 2-3 months in advance
  3. After we tweaked their website, they now rank no. 1 for Timber Fencing Melbourne

How did we achieve all of the above?

Scene 1

Of course we couldn’t suddenly come up with an amazing campaign without understanding and getting to know our client’s business. First and foremost, we had a discussion with the owners of the business regarding the target of That’s Fencing, and their target area, their core service offerings, etc. They filled out our questionnaire as well which helped us to understand their business and their sales process even more.

Scene 2

The basic foundation of That’s Fencing website was right. The phone number was highly visible on the top right corner. The submission form for quotation was there straight away as soon as visitors arrived at the website… or was it…? We noticed straight away that the website was using moving sliders to showcase images of their recent works.

You may say, “That’s how good websites normally are set up, aren’t they?” Well, if you go to,, or, you will notice straight away that the image that shows up as soon you arrive, doesn’t move. Yup, it’s only 1 image and text that says clearly “Buy”, “Buy Now”, or “Shop Now”. Do you think those companies don’t have enough products they can showcase? Of course not! They have heaps of product lineups, different models, different categories, etc. What’s the reason behind this?

As a business owner, the thing someone wants when web visitors arrive at their website will be one of the following call to actions:

A. Call me and make an appointment!

B. Book my service online!

C. Buy my products!

D. Submit your details so I can give you a quote!

For That’s Fencing, the owners wanted and D. A highly visible phone number made it easy for them to get phone calls when visitors arrived at their site. However, the moving sliders didn’t help in getting request-for-quotation submissions from visitors. Human eyes reacts to moving objects and as soon as visitors focus on reading… BAM.. the slider moved and they felt lost.

Notre Dame University did a testing about sliders (also called carousels) and only 1% of total visitors clicked through from the carousel. The majority of these visitors (84%) interacted with only the first slide of the carousel. Back to the big brands websites, those who designed Apple, Samsung, and Nike’s site knew in order to make sure people buy the products they could not deploy sliders because that would hurt the conversion (aka the number of people buying the products from the website/ total number of visitors visiting the website).

So where did That’s Fencing submission form appear then? Yes, you guessed right, it was on the second slide! It was moving as fast as The Flash!

So we stopped the slider and moved the submission form to be the first and only image. What happened to the first image? Well, sadly, it’s been moved to mingling with other files in the digital bin (should we permanently say sayonara to them?)

Was that all we did? Of course not. Leave your first name and email address below to read the next scene in your inbox tomorrow. You will also receive some information regarding several other tactics we deployed which you can use for your own website!