How we help That’s Fencing get 10-20 enquiries/day – Story 2

How we help That’s Fencing get 10-20 enquiries/day – Story 2 2018-10-29T23:17:02+10:00

Thank you for visiting our page again! In the previous article, we talked about a discussion with the business owner and changing the sliding images into a static one. They were the two initial actions we did for That’s Fencing. Now, we’ll show you what we did next on their website. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it short. So let’s move to Scene 3!

Scene 3

That’s Fencing offers several types of fencing installations such as paling fencing, picket fencing, merbau fencing, etc. They also have a specialised page for each of these which is great. What wasn’t so great at that time was each page was just full of texts and had something missing from the page. Here was the image back then. Can you guess what was missing?

If you guessed “submission form”, then you are 100% correct. We found that some visitors just wanted to get a quote for some quick jobs rather than call the business. In an industry where customers are used to asking for a quote, by having a submission form, we gave an option for visitors to submit an enquiry. Otherwise they would have just left the website without taking any action. We also made sure that the form looked nice when viewed on mobile phone since 40% of their traffic came from mobile visits.

Stay tuned to our next email to find out about Scene 4.

In the meantime, you can call us on 03 9043 4444 or email us at if you want to discuss about your business goals. We will then let you know if we can help you or not. If yes, we will work out an online growth plan for your business.

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