How we help That’s Fencing get 10-20 enquiries/day – Story 4

How we help That’s Fencing get 10-20 enquiries/day – Story 4 2018-08-28T12:19:47+10:00

We are almost there! So far we’ve covered the importance of having a good discussion with our client, stopping annoying sliding images, implementing a quote form, and adding a call-to-action message in the content. Next, we’ll talk about keywords and adding them naturally to your content.

Scene 5

A good website structure, a well optimised page, and a good interlinking between pages can make a big difference towards topping the Google rankings. We made sure the linking between relevant pages (paling fencing, picket fencing, etc) were done right so any links going to one page would result in boosting the ranking of other pages as well. Also, we sprinkled some chocolate… errr we mean target keywords, on each page (heading and article body) while ensuring they still looked natural to the readers.

How many times have you seen some websites trying too hard to rank for certain keywords that the articles look unnatural? We’ve seen too many of them so we would like to avoid it like the plague. We could have written something like “If you want to find Timber Fencing Melbourne, you should contact That’s Fencing, the expert in Timber Fencing. We are a specialised Timber Fencing Melbourne company servicing Melbourne area with our Timber Fencing service…. ” Don’t you cringe looking at those sentences?

Stay tuned to our next email to find out about Scene 6 and the Conclusion.

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