Chatbots are one of the latest trends in online communication. With advanced automation technology, chatbots have slowly helped the customer service and sales management systems for small, medium, and large companies worldwide.

So, what are chatbots and how can it help you solve today’s business problems?

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is basically a program designed to automatically simulate conversation with a website or social media platform user in a natural language in websites, message apps, or mobile apps.

For example, when you visit a website selling shoes, you may encounter a chatbot that engages you in exactly what you want such as the size of shoes you need and automatically guide you to the right product through a series of predetermined keywords.

One of the greatest advantages of chatbots is their simplicity of use. In most cases, you only need to paste a piece of code on your site and create a series of templates to start using a chatbot on your website.

Chatbots can easily be integrated your website platform.

Introducing Acebot

AceBot is a smart AI chatbot that we offer to businesses as a solution to assist with customer service and improve user experience on your website.

The AceBot can cater many different industries. However, it is specifically designed to accommodate healthcare and beauty industries. These are the industries where appointment bookings are needed by the potential customers.

In case the potential customer is looking for more information on your website before booking, AceBot can help to answer the query and direct him/her to make an appointment soon after.

Here, at Infinite Ace, our Bot Trainers are capable of dissecting and implementing complicated conversation flow for training AceBot. AceBot can utilise machine learning and adapt to the common queries of specific industries.

What are Some of the Business Problems AceBot Can Help With?

1. Generate Leads and Conversions

Automating initial interaction allows website users to share data that you can use to serve them better without the need for a human worker to ask for the information.

With hands-free ways of understanding your customer’s needs, you can guide website visitors or social platform users to better outcomes. It will improve your customer experience, which will generate leads and sales.

2. Reducing Operational Cost

Implementing AceBot in your business means reducing your operating cost. Chatbots can handle many customers concurrently. Chatbots can complement their human counterparts by managing the easier and more repetitive tasks before passing on to the human customer service agents.

For example, AceBot can help with customer service by collecting registration data, answering frequently asked questions, and providing requested information.

They help to improve engagement with customers and provide faster delivery of services while generating better customer experience.

3. Your 24/7 Assistant

One of the best things about AceBot is that it works for you 24/7. It is always available day and night and can be programmed to service your customer when your customer service and sales teams aren’t available.

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